Below are our most commonly requested services. For a full list and some additional information, please click the button below.

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Evictions / Housing


We offer eviction process from the Notice to Quit, to the actual move out. Types of process served:
7, 14 and 30 Day Notice to Quit, Summary Process (Eviction) Summons and Complaint, 48 Hour Notice, Execution on Summary Judgment (physical move out) and even a Housing Capias (arrest) if you choose to go that far. We can even set you up with a great moving and storage company.

Probate / Family


Child Support and Divorce papers makes up a lot of of our work. In fact, we are a vendor for the Child Support Enforcement Division of the DOR and for the Committee for Public Council Services (CPCS). Types of process served: 
Complaint for Contempt, Modification, Complaint to establish paternity.  Child support warrants/capias. Adoption process, Grandparent visitation, etc.

Capias / Civil Arrest


We have business customers with Small Claims judgement where the defendants failed to pay or failed to appear in court. When they don't appear, a Capias (civil arrest warrant) is issued for their arrest.
We have a few options here for these clients. Straight arrest which gets the defendant back in the courthouse or a letter sent reminding them of their obligation. In many cases, the letter is enough to compel them to pay their outstanding balance.. 

Skip Trace / Locate


Some people choose to hide from their obligations. Using various databases and tools, we find the people. There must be some court action between the plaintiff and defendant for us to do the skip tracing. Basically, we can not find a lost love or old friend. We can only do this for cases that will be or were litigated.  

No Trespassing


There may be someone that you don't ever want to enter your property again. There are a few ways in Massachusetts to make this activity a criminal act, or a criminal trespass.  One is to post conspicuously placed No Trespass signs on your property.  This may be effective, but is probably not the type of message you would like to project to the community at large. Most people don’t mind the occasional door knocker, but seek to bar a select individual, or maybe a few, from even stepping foot on their property, let alone knock on their door.  

Notary Public


 A notary public is a person of proven integrity appointed by the government to serve the public as an impartial witness in taking acknowledgements, administering oath and affirmations, and performing other acts authorized by law.
A mobile notary is a notary public that travels to various locations to perform notarial acts. The fees charged by mobile notaries tend to be higher than traditional notaries due to travel and other associated expenses. Several of our Constables are notaries.